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Improve process monitoring, understanding and control with Unscrambler® X Process Pulse II. It enables powerful multivariate models developed with The Unscrambler® X to be used to monitor at-line, on-line and in-line processes. Unscrambler® X Process Pulse II has been developed with the goal of delivering a solution for advanced process monitoring and control, while at the same time being user-friendly. With a non-complex set up procedure, the software supports configurable dashboards, intuitive plots, and alarms to alert potential issues.

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The Experts Review The Unscrambler® X

"Cutting through complex data sets to underlying simplicity itself"

"This intelligent engine borders upon data mining, as it cuts through prediction and classification problems"

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Founded in 1984, we are a leader in Multivariate Data Analysis and Design of Experiments software. More than 25,000 data analysts, engineers, researchers and scientists use The Unscrambler® X suite to explore and analyze large data sets, improve product development, manufacturing processes, quality control and market segmentation.

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